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The Internet has been updated with the younger generation in America. Today, most American children have access to the Internet at home as well as on their mobile. This has begun to present many problems to parents. They are in a quandary as to how to control the online behavior of their children. They are also concerned about whether they should control the movements of their children, the websites they visit, or activities they perform in the social media? Or should they be leaving their teenagers a realm of privacy?

According to the survey by the Pew Internet Project, a majority of American children aged 12 to 17 years had access to cell phones in 2012. Over 50% of these cell phones were smart devices that have access to the Internet, social networks and email. Today, children as young as fifth grade students have access to their first mobile. However, parents do not have the means to track the activities of their children on their computers and phones. The Internet presents a number of free or low – cost options in this regard.

Most common operating systems have parental control features, but these don’t prove to be effective, hence, the recommendation that comes from the experts is to add another layer of security on their devices such as installing a specialized parental control app on their digital devices. The Internet service providers have provisions for parents to block inappropriate websites. There are many options available in the market for monitoring kids, but the one that gives importance to their private space too is FamilyTime. The app works on the principle “Monitor with consent” and offers a wide range of valuable features that empower parents to perform monitoring and take control where needed! With the FamilyTime app in hand, they can:

  1. Mirror contact book of kids to view all details saved there such as email ID, home address, birthday, etc.
  2. Monitor SMS history to see who do they talk to and what do hey talk about at what time.
  3. Check call logs to see whom do they connect with and at what time
  4. Watchlist suspicious contacts to get notified every time the contact is made by either party, i.e. your child and the watchlisted contact.
  5. Track location details in real time on the virtual map.
  6. Trace location history for the past months to check details of addresses they visit with the date and time stamps.
  7. View the web history to have a look at the URLs they visit.
  8. View the complete list of apps installed on their device
  9. Check App usage frequency to analyze the time they spend on each application.
  10. Block apps to restrict their access to the apps you find inappropriate.
  11. Put auto screen locks on their devices for a specific time interval.
  12. Remotely lock their phone to limit access to their device whenever you want.

Give this app a try for free. You can get the trial version with premium features from the Google Play store and iTunes. Visit the app store to download the FamilyTime app or click the buttons below:

parental control app


According to Common Sense Media, about three quarters of adolescents in the age group 13 to 17 have at least one account of social media. About 60% say children text every day. Parents worry about their children’s interactions, hence, the FamilyTime app offers option not only to monitor their online behavior, but also enables mobile monitoring and location tracking, etc. So, give FamilyTime app a try now secure your kids efficiently. Happy parenting!


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